Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there enough parking available for all of our guests?
A: Yes, we have 3 parking lots that can accommodate up to 300 people.

Q: Is there a room that the bridal party can use to get ready? Is there a safe place to put
A: The bride is welcome to use all of the amenities of our ladies changing room and arranged access one hour prior to the ceremony time.

Q: Can I bring decorations?
A: Yes. However, confetti, rice, and glitter are not permitted. If there is excessive clean-up required after ceremony or reception there will be a fee of $250.00 applied to your final invoice.

Q: How fresh is your produce?
A: We offer the freshest ingredients possible we are a proud supporter of our community and buy and locally grown produce, products and services whenever possible.

Q: Can we bring in our own food?
A: The chef and kitchen staff at Glendale Country Club must prepare all food. However if you want to bring in cake or a late night snack, there are certain charges that apply:

  • Wedding Cake Cutting Fee: $1.95 per person
  • Plating and Serving Fee: $2.50 per person

** Charges will be applied based on the labor and plate-ware required for set-up and serving of the food **

Q: Can I bring my own wine?
A: The Club’s liquor license does not allow commercial wine that is not purchased by Glendale, to be consumed on its premises. Non-commercial (home or on-premises brewed) wine also cannot be consumed within the Club due to the provisions of our liquor license. However we would be pleased to provide wine recommendations that will compliment your menu. As well if done well in advance we may be able to source your preferred products for your event.

Q: Can we take home the extra food and beverages?
A: Food that is not served to guests will not be permitted to be taken home. As well, no food or open shall be taken home. Please note that open bottles of wine may NOT be removed from the premises according to the MLCC Bi-Law. Your guests may take home their meals if they do not finish them, but Glendale Golf & Country Club assumes no responsibility for the safety and quality of the food after it is removed from the premises. The removal of prepared beverages is prohibited.

Q: Are we charged for extra meals if not all of our guests show up?
A: Yes. Please note that if there are extra guests, there will be an extra charge applied based on the number of guests beyond the confirmed number.

Q: How much is the deposit? Can I get it back if I don’t decide to have my wedding
A: The $1000.00 deposit is non-refundable and required to secure your date for the reception.

Q: When is payment for the wedding reception due?
A: 100% of the balance  must be paid 7 days prior to the event.
Any remaining balance,  must be paid in full, 7 days after receiving the

Q: What are some of the extra charges and fees that we can expect?
A: Some of the charges that will be applied for your reception include: GST, PST and A Service Charge of 15% (please note that GST is applied to the service charge as well). As well as SOCAN and RE-Sound if playing music, or having a dance after dinner.
* Additional charges may also apply *


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