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Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for your interest in membership at Glendale Golf & Country Club. I am pleased to share our history and highlights with you.

Glendale Golf and Country Club was established in 1946 as a place where men and women and their families could go to enjoy the outdoors and the comforts of a country club.

While we do value our Jewish heritage and will always continue to honor it, we also embrace those who share our overall vision as a premier country club. As such, our goal is to attract a diverse group of members, who want to be part of our social community, who want to enjoy a first class golf course, outstanding tennis facilities and who want to be part of a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

Glendale Golf & Country Club is unique among the Country Clubs of Manitoba. Our operating tennis facilities, comprehensive children and youth programs, fine menu and wine list and our commitment to providing you with excellent service approach defines what a true Country Club experience should be – beyond golf to include tennis and social elements for all members of the family. Over the past 65 years, Glendale has undergone many changes - the course, the pro shop, and the clubhouse have all undergone transformations over the year. Along with these changes, our membership has evolved over the years. What has remained constant though is our friendly, family orientated atmosphere, outstanding golf course,

Joining one of Manitoba's premier private golf and country clubs has never been easier. Glendale offers flexible options when choosing which membership category is right for you and/or any members of your family. Convenient tee times, a friendly staff of professionals and lots of member events makes Glendale a superb choice when considering a private club.

Our unique country club atmosphere and environment could become your first choice as a private family oriented recreational sanctuary. Come learn more about one of Manitoba’s most dynamic Country Club experiences. You'll find it all at Glendale

Glendale Membership Committee